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Bedside Lovers (and other goats)

by Joe Bennett

Following the success of FUN RUN AND OTHER OXYMORONS, the quintessential Englishman abroad - who 'distrusts all beliefs, most thought and anything ending in "ism"' - regales us once again with his dry and hilarious observations on the absurdities of everyday life.

If you relish laughing out loud at the expense of the pretentious and the pompous, and like your wit lacerated with insight and compassion, then Joe Bennett's second collection of sparkling vignettes won't disappoint.

From tortoise smuggling and culinary fads to bad poetry and the joys of poultry, Joe's eclectic range of topics and targets, penned with his trademark shrewd humour, provide a refreshingly new look at the absurdities of our daily lives.

In his own words, "If anything holds these observations together it is that I like people but not in herds. I distrust all beliefs, most thought and anything ending in ism. Most opinion is emotion in fancy dress`.

Bedside Lovers (and other goats)






Travel / Essays & Travelogues


1 May 2002




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