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Double Happiness

by Joe Bennett

In this bitingly witty book, Joe Bennett lays bare the techniques behind bullshit and how it has become so ingrained in our everyday lives we can barely recognize it.

Bullshit has always been with us but as a result of the proliferation of media in the last century we are now awash with it, drowning in it.

It has become so accepted a part of the human landscape that bullshitters can not only make a living from bullshit and achieve power, prestige and wealth - they can even win prizes for it. Unironic prizes.

Bullshit seems to be fundamental to human society. If we were to strip bullshit from our conversations, our televisions, newspapers and airwaves, we would barely recognise what remained.

The aim of this book is to unpack examples of bullshit from our everyday life and lay bare the techniques behind it.

These techniques are surprisingly simple. There are two possible consequences of this exposure.

One is that bullshit will be laughed out of existence forever. The other is that bullshit will continue to proliferate.

Regardless of the outcome, anyone who reads this book will at least be able to identify exactly how they are having bullshit foisted upon them, even while they continue to fall for it.

Double Happiness




eBook & Paperback


Fiction / Humorous / General


3 Aug 2012





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